What’s the difference between a regular reader and a non-reader?

1. People who read books often talk more.

This is obvious because reading more books will naturally lead to more knowledge. For example, I didn’t know much about it before, and later read a book written after 70. I learned a lot of interesting things through his words. I remember a book in the 97 years when I ran for mayor, in order to raise the election expenses, I had a bazaar. The sale was a dark green wool cap. As a result, this pardon colored hat became a popular single product of the year. It was looted by all the young people.

2.People who read regularly understand the principles and principles behind the phenomenon.

Some seemingly ordinary things are actually backed up by principles such as economics and psychology. People who read books will see the nature of things because they know these principles.

If you are looking for an intermediary to buy a house, if you like a house, the intermediary will take the initiative to find you several other apartments in the same community, and will first show you the houses that you think are not good. Why do we do this? In order to make a house with poor performance and price as anchor point, so that you go to see the house you want to buy, you must feel that your vision and choice are particularly good. Happy, the deal was done.

3. Frequent readers are more sensitive and sympathetic.

People who often read books, especially literary books, have more delicate minds and are more sensitive to what happens around them. They are more likely to think of others because they see too many souls in their literary works.

Whether it’s Granger or a madman in other people’s eyes, people who read a lot have seen that they have read the stories and characters of masters, so they have a deeper understanding of human nature and are more empathetic in their lives.

4. People who read books often can tolerate different voices.

This is an extension of the previous point. The more books you read, the more tolerant you will be. The less books you read, the more conservative and authoritarian you will be.

For example, when we read an article, the author’s point of view is different from ours. People who read a lot think about why he has such a view. Is his opinion right or not?

It’s hard for people who don’t read books to accept different opinions from themselves.

In fact, many people don’t evaluate other people’s views objectively. They usually have a simple and crude criterion: like my three views, you are called “three views” and unlike me, you are called “three views” and “three views” are not correct.

The more people read, the clearer they are of their barrenness, and the less people read, the more likely they are to think that their soul is rich.

5. People who read books often emphasize logic and are not easily biased by emotion.

Nowadays, there are too many hot spots. People who are too busy to eat melon are easily upset by emotions.

Take the recent incident as an example. When Li Feng’s article came out, the netizens almost fell to the side of Li Feng, and crusade against him.

Some people say that this matter can only be true, because if it is false, then Li Feng will lose his reputation.

The logic is this: if a person bets on his future and reputation to prove something, then it must be able to show that it really happened.

But is this logic really 100% correct? Not necessarily, because human beings are not a rational animal.

In fact, even though 99% of the probability is true, for now, it’s just one-sided. I do not like it, but I only look at evidence, not emotional.

Li Feng wants to pull down, or grab some evidence.

6.The curiosity and curiosity of the people who often read books are stronger

A person often reads books, except for professional or professional reasons, because he loves reading. Why do you love reading? Because the world in the book is so wonderful and colorful.

Readers, no matter how old they are, still have the childhood curiosity. We don’t know much about the world, so we want to know.

Originally I only read literature and philosophy, but then I went to astronomy because I was so interested in the universe. Later, I went to study psychology, economics and history. The more I read, the more I found myself too shallow.

Human life is limited, and the problems are infinite. I am not going to solve these problems. I just want to know what the truth is. When you learn something you don’t know from the book and a truth you don’t know, the joy is beyond words.

7.People who read books often think more objectively about one thing.

To be honest, it is very difficult for a person to be objective. We are all subjective and selfish, but people who read a lot will deliberately take themselves out and look at the problem from an objective point of view.

Why do we do this? People wear colored glasses when they have strong emotions or are too closely related to their own interests. The more you read, the more courageous you will be and the more conscious you will be to remove this pair of glasses, because you know that it is blinding your eyes.

I am a person who reads every day and buys books every month. From March this year, I will continue to write a public document every day after work, not for other purposes, but to record my own achievements in reading. After all, a good memory is not as good as a bad pen.

Last but not least, it is very difficult for a person without input to output continuously in the future.