Breathing, 99% of runners make mistakes

When running, good breathing rhythm will make the whole feeling comfortable and the running effect will be improved.

Although the human body itself in tens of thousands of years of evolution, will naturally unconsciously control breathing, but breathing does have a high or low efficiency, your breathing mode to a certain extent determines the quality of life.

In addition, have you ever thought that you have fallen victim to some unsubstantiated breathing methodology?

02 This article helps you get a new understanding of running and breathing!

When running, breathe through your mouth and nose. The muscle movement system needs enough oxygen to maintain activity, and the nose alone can not provide enough energy to breathe more oxygen.

Nasal breathing can increase the temperature and humidity of air entering the nasal cavity, but it can not meet the needs of the body when running.

At the same time, when you exhale, you should exhale through your mouth and try to concentrate on exhaling completely, which will excrete more carbon dioxide and help you breathe deeper.

03 Breathe deeply, the first lesson of running

Make sure that the diaphragm sinks as much as possible while running, and that the abdomen breathes more, not from the chest – it’s too shallow. Deep breathing allows you to breathe in more air.

Point 1 – Pay attention to upper body shape. Posture should be straight, shoulders relaxed, not bending, forward, left and right shaking. The head is in line with the body, not protruding forward. If you bend over and hunch over,

Point 2 – Abdominal breathing is the key. Will not be able to breathe deeply. Breathe through your mouth. The stomach can be pushed out and the diaphragm naturally pushed down. Instead of upper chest dilatation,

You should feel that your abdomen can expand indefinitely. This allows you to breathe in more air each time you breathe.

04 Respiration and Rhythmic Sensation

Is it better to breathe out in three steps and inhale in two steps? Or do you want to breathe in the same three steps?

In fact, there is no definite conclusion. Which is more efficient than synchronous running and 32 mode running?

It is worth further study.

05 Suitable for Your Running Rhythm

Beginners or experienced runners always want to know whether their breathing rhythm is reasonable.

The Dialogue Rhythm Test may help you determine whether your rhythm is reasonable and whether it is necessary to make some adjustments.